After a long period of disrepair, this site is back. And without WordPress, or Drupal, or a CMS of any kind. Just plain ol’ HTML.

Where have I been?

Oh, I’ve been around, largely devoting my time to work, and that’s not really a good thing. I have a tendency to go all-in with whatever it is that’s paying the bills at the time, usually to the disadvantage of family, leisure, and just generally enjoying things. However, I recently learned a lesson in why that approach is all wrong, and have decided to put a hard limit on work, and set aside time for doing things I think are are fruitful for me: relaxing, going out, hitting the gym, reading, writing, learning.

Those last two, writing and learning, really took a hit over the last few years, and I really missed it. My employer during the time didn’t like research, and took all my free time so I couldn’t even take time to learn on my own (ProTip™: if your employer does not appreciate research, it’s not a software development company, it’s a hacker shop). I really enjoy learning new things, and plan on sharing those things here. Upcoming topics include Node.js , React, and iOS (you can also expect non-technical nonsense, because I’m really good at that).

I really enjoy writing, and missed that most of all. In fact, there’s really no other reason for me maintaining this site other than it gives me an avenue for writing (well, that, and the bit of self-advertising it provides).

Why did the site go away?

Part of the reason for taking the site down was that I faced either updating a vulnerable WordPress installation, or potentially getting hacked. I didn’t have time to do a full-version update, so it just came down. In the limited time I had, I found that I was spending all that time doing maintenance and security updates instead of actually producing content. In addition to frequent security vulnerabilities, I wasn’t sure I liked the need for a database to run a simple blog. That seemed like a lot of unnecessary overhead for my needs; the only valid use case I could see was for searching.

The other reason was that the content was getting stale. I tend to be attracted to front-end and web technologies, and those change rapidly (too rapidly, maybe), and the things I’d posted really weren’t relevant to what I do now. So it all just came down.

Ok, so no WordPress or databases, just what is this?

Like I said, plain HTML, CSS and limited JavaScript (other parts of the site may leverage more JavaScript, but the blog portion will be limited). I’m using Jekyll to take Markdown that I write and transform it into HTML. This allows me to just write plain text with minimal formatting and angle brackets and attributes, and focus on content.

This site uses a forked copy of the “Minimal Mistakes” theme that has been slightly tweaked to my liking. I was able to get to creating content much quicker by taking a pre-existing theme and running with it. In fact, it was less than a week of an hour or so a day to get this site ready. Now all I need is content. I’m going to go start that now.